Special ankle bracelet against alcohol abuse is introduced nationwide in the Netherlands



The alcohol ankle bracelet is introduced nationally. This was reported by Minister Grapperhaus of Justice and Security. This "alcohol meter" is intended for people who have done something punishable under the influence of alcohol and therefore have an alcohol prohibition.

The alcohol meter proved to be a reliable means of checking compliance with the alcohol prohibition during tests, helping to prevent abuse, committing crimes and drink-driving. The minister wrote this today in a letter to the House of Representatives.

Grapperhaus: “ Many violent crimes are committed under the influence of alcohol, such as violence when going out, football or in a domestic atmosphere. The ankle bracelet is an effective way to change behavior. That's why I want it to be deployed nationwide."


People who are convicted may be subject to an alcohol ban as a special condition. Compliance is now monitored by the probation service on average twice a week through a breathalyzer, blood or urine test. According to the minister, wearing a special ankle bracelet works a lot more efficiently. "It is now a snapshot, so that the alcohol ban can be violated in the meantime."

At the initiative of the GGZ Addiction Probation Foundation,

the Public Prosecution Service and the Ministry of Justice and Security, the functioning of the alcohol meter has been tested in pilots since 2017. "This is important because the social damage from alcohol abuse, including the involvement of the police and the judiciary and the damage caused by road accidents, is estimated at 2.3 to 4.2 billion euros per year. Together with the financial consequences for people through loss of quality of life and even premature death, the social damage will amount to 6.1 billion euros."

This is how the alcohol meter works 

  • An alcohol meter or alcohol bracelet is worn 24 hours a day. 

Street racers lose driver's license after police undercover operation


Street racers lose drivers license

Spectators ran to their cars when they saw a police flashing light  (Police)

Eight participants and visitors to an illegal street race in Lelystad last Saturday night June 13th have to hand in their driving license due to serious speeding violations. They could be caught because the police used marked and unmarked police cars.

About a hundred cars had come to the street race on the IJsselmeerdijk. With unmarked cars (so without the police logo and stripes), officers mixed between the racers and spectators. According to the police, dozens of cars with roaring engines were ready at the starting position.

"Much of the group thought they were on a circuit” (Police)

In the meantime, a marked police car stopped a bit further and turned on the blue flashing lights.
"This immediately caused unrest within the audience," the police wrote on Facebook. "We saw various participants give the signal that everyone had to leave."

The group left, along with some inconspicuous police cars, heading for the highway, so wrote the police. “Arriving on the highway A6, a large part of the group believed themselves to be on a racing circuit: speeds well above 200 kilometers per hour, overtaking on the right, tailgating at intervals of no more than 3 meters at 180 kilometers per hour and ignoring all types’ road markings.”

Lost driver's license
One of the speeding offenders immediately lost his driving license. He was taken off the road because he drove 175 kilometers per hour at Almere-Poort, where a maximum speed of 100 applies. Seven others also drove more than 50 kilometers per hour too fast and therefore have to hand in their driving license, but they will receive their punishment by mail.

Police have also issued an unknown number of fines for minor offenses.
(Source: NOS.nl)

REPORT FROM POLAND: Against illegal racing on city streets


PL Against illegal racing on city streetsRecently, it has become particularly loud again about amateurs of dangerous driving on public roads, although this is not a new phenomenon.

Unfortunately, few days ago young pedestrian was killed by the vehicle, which took part in the illegal racing on the streets of Lodz. Police take decisive action by issuing fines, stopping with driving licenses and registration documents of traffic pirates!

Police officers are constantly monitoring forums and social networking sites, where information about planned meetings and races appears. In connection with the automotive event planned last weekend, you could also expect visits by moto fans of illegal racing and drifting. The police also could not miss such event, although our purpose of visit was completely different from the participants.

The actions of the SPEED team that night focused on preventing illegal races in Lodz and the surrounding area and resolutely responding to attempts to violate the law.
Policemen appeared in places where participants of illegal races usually meet. In addition, the actions were based on carrying out inspection of cars after tuning.

Policemen always pay attention to noise levels, exhaust emissions, mandatory equipment and any technical changes to vehicles that are not in compliance with regulations. Effect?
Only during one Friday, officers revealed 96 offenses, seized 5 registration documents and 16 driving licenses.

Less accidents, yet increased unsafety on the road - Research on the effects of COVID-19 measures on road safety in the Netherlands

Because of the COVID-19-measures there was a lot less traffic on the road. VIA investigated, Commissioned by the Dutch National Police, the influence of these measures on road safety. Are the measures changing the behaviour of traffic and does this lead to a decrease or increase of risk?

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Soon summer holidays, that's why the police from the Traffic Department of the Warsaw Metropolitan Police Headquarters have already started preparations for this hot period. The nearest long weekend will be kind of test, during which officers will go out on the road to control traffic and fight with road pirates. New police vehicles that were sent to the Warsaw headquarters a few days ago are to help them in this confrontation.

Constantly the main cause of road accidents is excessive speed. Numerous appeals do not help. Road pirates are still ignoring restrictions, and hence the number of deaths is still increasing. Only from the beginning of this year, 44 people died in 425 road accidents on the roads of the capital garrison. Although this is a decrease of 28 people compared to the same period of 2019, we must not forget about 44 family tragedies.

PRE HOLIDAY EXAM 2Summer holidays is very important season in that area. During summer season lot’s of drivers drive without imagination. They use good weather conditions and develop high speeds on the roads. Such behaviours very often have tragic consequenses. During last summer holidays season (in 2019) on the roads of Warsaw Metropolitan Headquartres garrison occured 307 accidents, in which 29 people lost their lives. In 2018 in the same period occured 321 accidents and 26 people were killed.